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When deciding the name for this practice, I was careful to consider the imagery and feeling I hope to evoke, as I endeavor to provide a service to clients that is comforting, empowering, and life-giving. What better imagery than water from a well! Water is a necessary element in every life regardless of who we are, where we are from, or where we find ourselves- literally and figuratively.

Traditionally, wells were hand dug! Imagine people like you and I using their bare hands to dig through dirt, mud, and rocks, which can represent the muck and mire of life and the challenges of relationships, in order to get to the source of their greatest relief. We can assume this was a strenuous task, but one well worth the investment of time and energy. The end result is that those who did the work and those connected to them were able to benefit from their diligence for many years, even generations to come.

Your Life’s Well, LLC exists to support individuals, couples, and families as they draw from life’s well to experience and sustain the kind of peace that comes from living the life you long for in the context of your intrapersonal, interpersonal, and interdependent existence.

As a systemically trained clinician, I am attentive to the fact that we are impacted and influenced by those around us, especially those we know and love. Whether I am working with an individual, a couple or a family I am aware of the complexities present between the individuals within and beyond the therapy room. Thank you again for visiting the site.

I look forward to speaking with you to answer your questions about how I might be able to assist you. 

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