Author: Erica Bernard

“Sacred Pause” When Life Is A Lot

Throughout my life, I’ve had seasons where life “is life-ing me,” and I was overwhelmed to the core. In early 2022, there were a series

Aligned or Assigned

Over the past few years, it has become more apparent that people are aligned and assigned to our personal and professional lives. Some have journeyed

The Gift of SisterFriends

In early January, I saw meme featuring this quote, “The circles of women around us weave invisible nets of love that carry us when we

Pregnancy and Infant Loss

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month and October 15th is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. This day focuses on raising public awareness of pregnancy loss and infant death,

Does Almost Count?

Last week, I had the pleasure of being the special guest for a live discussion titled “Almost Doesn’t Count: Settling to be Married” the dialogue

When the Helper Needs Help

Over the past 6 weeks, my personal life has experienced a series of major and minor changes and shifts. Some were anticipated while others felt

Gift Yourself!

In the midst of the planning, preparation, celebration, and hustle and bustle of the holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, and New Year) season there are

WE over ME

Creating and sustaining a healthy and mutually attentive marriage/relationship requires a shared willingness to commit again and again to the relationship as opposed to our individual needs

Life After Insufficient Love

This blog post is inspired by the acclaimed 4:43 blog post by Candice Benbow. A good friend of mine shared the link to this post